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After having two ground work sessions with Lou over the last few weeks i feel that i am learning a new way of being with and handling my horse Oscar. He can be very anxious and Lou's techniques are proving invaluable for helping him over come this.
My mum has also joined in with these sessions and has really taken a lot from them .
Lou made the learning fun for all of us involved(horses included) and really looking forward to the future sessions we have coming up.


I would highly recommended Lou she is a kind and passionate person who cares deeply for your horses wellbeing. You can see the impact her treatment has on your horse and having a calm pain free animal is a relief for any owner. I wish I had known about Lou and her technique earlier but she is here now and we are getting our horses on the right path. Thanks Lou for coming and seeing Maggs and Betsey they are two very changed horses for the better.hank you Lou!

I have had my pony many years and he has had various issues and had an accident a while back. He has had physio vets dentist.. you name it hes had them. Then came Lou! I have never seen such a difference. The pony that has gone from resistant and unhappy who tantrums just about every time he is ridden has changed dramatically. THANK YOU LOU ❤
So much so that after watching him ridden the other day my 16 year old daughter asked to get back on after a couple of years of refusing to ride him 


Took Fio out for a gentle walk round the windy Village this afternoon, she was very relaxed and walked nicely on a long rein with her neck stretched and lots of relaxed sighs and snorts. Less concerned about being tacked up and less tense at the mounting block. Look forward to fetching her over to see you again soon

Was great to meet Lou today on our first ground work session. Lou was fantastic with Tallulah and spent a lot of time getting to know her. I am not very confident and Lou put me at ease instantly. l learnt a lot about my horse in our first session and look forward to our next session and will be attending some of her agility days with Tallulah. Thank you Lou!

Had a fantastic few hours with Lou today , I’ve learnt so much, Casper enjoyed his treatment and told us a lot about him self 😳 but now thanks to Lou it’s onwards and upwards thank you so much can’t wait for next week and the Agility clinic coming very soon. X

It was lovely to meet you today and watch you working with Pickle. the natural empathy was lovely as hes usually very fidgety and nippy with new people and he was so relaxed and well behaved with you. I really appreciated how you explained everything that you were doing and what reaction we were looking for with him. watching the difference in his range of movement as you worked was amazing. thank you so much

Had a lovely morning doing a 1-1 agility session with Lou. The session was appropriately paced for both myself and my horse and delivered at the right level for us. Lou even assisted us when Ralph got a bit stuck on the ramp when the time came to go home

Lou Wilks came to our yard for an agility day in August of this year, it was a great day and we all had fun, I could see how our horses (and us) were benefiting but I really didn't realise just how much until very recently. I was blown away (nearly literally) when I went to get my youngster in from the field. It had been blowing a gale all night and was still blowing when I went to the field. The horses were on their toes and just as I finished putting my boys head collar on when a large green garden bag blew into the field and caught on the grass, my two older boys turned tail and legged it. My youngster (who'd taken part in the agility day snorted and danced a bit, but when asked walked with me calmly and chose (definitely wasn't asked) to approach this big green monster in his field, he calmed himself and I was confident enough with his behaviour to go with him, pick it up and stuff it out of the way in my pocket. Bless him, his torture wasn't quite over, as we finished crossing the road to get to yard the wind caught the bag and whipped it out of my pocket and wrapped it around the back of him, a white van with a trailer very kindly beeped their horn to let me know I'd dropped this bag, my horse just stopped and looked at me as if to say, now what! He then walked calmly into his stable to a well deserved breakfast! Thanks to our day with Lou we had a positive outcome to what could have been scary

Thanks Lou, I'm thrilled with how things went yesterday. I can't believe we met that noisy, banging digger so close up and then all that pipe/drainage work going on. It really proves how well all the blocks have been put in place over the last year with my young horse Eve and how worthwhile it has been taking things slowly.

Took Mr Blake out tonight after his Masterson treatment yesterday and he felt great. He was so happy out and striding out lovely

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I would highly recommend this to anyone out there who thinks they are alone in their thinking process ...think again! 
A sense of freedom washes over you - very liberating" Jane C

"Lou has a great empathy and understanding of people"

Hi Lou
It's taken me a while to write my testimonial (from when I attended the weekend retreat) as felt I needed time & space to process what I had experienced & learnt from the experience. 
Wow, what a difference it has made. For the first time in a very long time, I am actually having periods during my day where I am starting to relax. I know I'm a 'work in progress' as I find it extremely difficult to slow down & to just 'be in the moment' but after attending your weekend retreat, I've found I have now begun my journey towards this happening more & more. You have helped me (through working with your amazing horses) to gain the valuable knowledge to look at things things in a completely different way & to just 'be' in the moment. 
The lovely people I was with on the retreat made it a genuinely incredible experience, I felt I learnt a lot of things from each one of them, especially from Karen, which really blew me away with her observations & connection made with your horses. For anybody wondering if they would benefit from attending a retreat, I would whole heartedly say 'do it' you won't regret it!! 
Thank you Lou, you are such an inspirational person, I will be eternally grateful you have have helped show me the way to start my own journey. 

Just a quick update to let you know that the experience of the weekend retreat has helped me to focus and put stuff into perspective. The affects of it are long reaching and I am still experiencing its benefits. No more disturbing unpleasant dreams and I have come to a really important decision regarding my future employment. I just needed to step back and chill and it has somehow all fallen into place. Also the last animal card you read that I picked was really instrumental in this!

Hi Lou
Hope you are well after your marathon weekend. I am writing to thank you. I didnt write last night when I got home as I felt lighter and calmer than I have in a long time. It was a lovely feeling and I wanted to stay with it so I just did dog stuff and nothing else.

Today I woke up and I still feel a sense of peace, I feel more grounded, refocused, calm and re-energised. Very hard to explain but I feel an acceptance now that I have been fighting and struggling with for a long time. I understand that a square peg is a square peg and a round hole is a round hole. Neither is right or wrong but a square peg will never fit in around hole. Again, neither right or wrong, it just is. Bingo! Acceptance.

This weekend has been amazing in the way you constantly bring every thing back into the moment. I have always been an over-anyliser/over-thinker find it hard to live in the day and constantly project!!! My fear, anxiety and depression are manifestations of this. The magic way that the minute by minute lives of your horses somehow seeped into me. Their calm and non judgemental acceptance of all of us this weekend has 
really made me think about my world view, day to day and minute to minute.

I also learn't a huge amount from watching and listening to everybody else. 
I was in the right place at the right time when my friend convinced me to come with her on your open day a few weeks ago. The opportunity arose and I decided to go for it. I am so glad I did. I have come a long way in two very amazing, unforgettable days. It is work in progress I understand that years of conditioning are not lost overnight, but I have made a start and that feels really good.

. I would just like to say Thank you again Lou, you gave me and I suspect all of us so much this weekend. Please be sure that you give yourself time to recharge and recover.
Hope to see you and your horses again soon

I really enjoyed the evening we spent with the horses. It captured the unspoken challenges and rewards of establishing relationships based on cooperation, acceptance and being open to change depending on what happens moment by moment.



The first time Harry was silent....
At 4 yrs old and diagnosed with ASD I looked into ways to improve Harry's communication and social skills.
Lou spent a good 30 mins getting to know Harry before taking him on the farm. She was understanding his processing times and how he communicates. It's fair to say I leant things about Harry that I didn't know.
Harry is active all the time and doesn't stop until he sleeps....or sat on Lou's horse. It was magical and somehow mystical that Harry and horse were in tune with each other. It was emotional to watch but an unforgetable milestone.
Thank you.

We, Linkage Adult Skills, received an email from Lou Wilks regarding her Autism Friendly Horse Experience programme. After a conversation we arranged a visit for our clients, a group of 8 teenagers/young adults with learning disabilities, autism and communication difficulties.
We were given a tour of the farm. Lou was brilliant with the clients. She was warm, friendly and welcoming; learning each of their names in record time. She completely understood their needs and limitations. Lou is very knowledgeable and clearly very experienced. One particular client was anxious as she had been kicked by horse in the past; however by the end of our visit, she had stroked, walked and kissed a horse.
Our clients thoroughly enjoyed their visit and are busy planning their next one.
Thank you Lou for being the professional that you are. The relationship with your horses is amazing. I personally found the experience very uplifting. I will definitely be recommending your programme to others.
Kind regards
Dave McMahon

We came to the open day at Manor Farm on Friday 5th August. We had a great time.
My 10 year old son said " I enjoyed stroking the horses it made me happy. I enjoyed meeting the horses one to one. I would love to come back again very soon. Thank you for the experience."

My 7 year old son said "I enjoyed stroking the horses it was very exciting. The horses felt very soft. I would really like to come back again very soon. Thank you very much for letting me stroke the horses."
It was great to check out what you have on offer for children with disabilities. We would love to come back again in the near future.
Thank you very much


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