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Sometimes we win , sometimes we learn

Often we can be faced with situations that seem unmanageable or out of our control. We can only deal with these situations with the understanding training & knowledge we already have or is available to us at the time. However if that knowledge is not clear enough and we still feel that we can't find the answers we want often the only answer is to become frustrated and angry or worst case to give up often leaving us with many mixed emotions and no solution!!!.

Lou Wilks is Based in a small village in North Lincolnshire she works from her family home and has a friendly relaxed approach .

She specializes in communication between horse and human. An inspiring natural and calm teacher Lou uses her herd of horses and with her established in depth principles of  behaviour and psychology both equine and human, has set up a NATURAL,SAFE & CALM environment so you can have POSITIVE, EFFECTIVE experiences which can help you to overcome personnel daily challenges .

Lou will listen to you and support you throughout your one to one or group session with our horses . During your session you will have experiences that will help you resolve certain issues, calmly and effectively,and learn coping strategies , and because the horses give us instant non judgemental clear feedback,we learn about how our choices effect our outcome.

Working through these experiences allows you to feel for yourself what you   need to change in order to be effective. These learnt experiences can help give you the answers you have been looking for,to move on ,build your self confidence and enable you to deal with other daily challenges .

Level 3 Advanced health & social care.

Level 3 S.E.N (specialeducational needs)

Autism awareness certificate


"what a wonderful weekend at Wild Haven. An enlightening experience with warm loving genuine people.
Lou welcomed us into her home and made everyone feel welcome and at ease. 
I would highly recommend this to anyone out there who thinks they are alone in their thinking process ...think again! 
A sense of freedom washes over you - very liberating" Jane C

I enclose a copy of my book as a token to express my thanks for the lovely consciousness weekend.
We both enjoyed it and had a relaxing and rejuvenating experience,we really appreciated the welcome and hospitality you provided with love M &S.

Had a lovely time and met some really nice like minded people. 
The main thing I took from it was I have all my life blamed other people for how I am but they are not in my life any more to affect me but I am still the same..
Then realization hit me, it's me that is putting me down all the time, not them and I can do something about it..
Again thank you 

I attended a 2 day retreat weekend with my dear friend , we really enjoyed Lou’s kindness, we were made to feel at home the minute we arrived , we met some very interesting people who had attended for their own reasons , I went with an open mind and left having learnt so much that I could take it away with me, everyday something good from that weekend pops to remind me it was time well spent and for a very small fee .
Thank you Lou xxx

Well, I can hand on heart say I have been so much calmer, I have been practicing meditating and letting thoughts drift away instead of festering.. I have just been offered a really good job yesterday which has given me a massive confidence boost too...

Wildhaven is just the most perfect and peaceful location for the retreat. Your kind welcome into your home put the whole group at ease. The weekend was a grounding and spiritual experience which reminded me how I need to make space and empty my mind more often, and spend more time in nature.

It was a perfect end to my week off work and I felt refreshed and ready to return to work and give it my all.

Thank you for a lovely weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed the warm welcome, relaxing surroundings, delicious vegan food and gorgeous weather. The meditations were also appreciated as was the fire ceremony and the chance for me to meet the horses. 

Hi, hope you're doing well just wanted to say thank you again for the past few weeks i have enjoyed it just as much as it's helped me! Also wanted to let you know I got the job and i have to thank you for giving me the confidence to go into that interview and be positive and be able to give 100%, managed to not worry about it either i didn't get nervous one bit which is a big step for me! Hope to hear back from you soon, if you still wanted me to come help you I could arrange a day still to do so. 
(P.s today's my induction for work, so excited I can't sleep) 
Many thanks

I would strongly recommend spending time with Lou Wilks I went on a four week course for personal reasons .
Lou taught me to be in the moment , open my eyes and don't always presume what you think is being said or happening , is actually what is happening , positivity is very powerful and looking for the good in life, people, situations and moments , big thanks to you , your time and your horses. Long may you help people as you helped me and my group friends .

"Lou has a great empathy and understanding of people"

Hi Lou
It's taken me a while to write my testimonial (from when I attended the weekend retreat) as felt I needed time & space to process what I had experienced & learnt from the experience. 
Wow, what a difference it has made. For the first time in a very long time, I am actually having periods during my day where I am starting to relax. I know I'm a 'work in progress' as I find it extremely difficult to slow down & to just 'be in the moment' but after attending your weekend retreat, I've found I have now begun my journey towards this happening more & more. You have helped me (through working with your amazing horses) to gain the valuable knowledge to look at things things in a completely different way & to just 'be' in the moment. 
The lovely people I was with on the retreat made it a genuinely incredible experience, I felt I learnt a lot of things from each one of them, especially from Karen, which really blew me away with her observations & connection made with your horses. For anybody wondering if they would benefit from attending a retreat, I would whole heartedly say 'do it' you won't regret it!! 
Thank you Lou, you are such an inspirational person, I will be eternally grateful you have have helped show me the way to start my own journey. 

Just a quick update to let you know that the experience of the weekend retreat has helped me to focus and put stuff into perspective. The affects of it are long reaching and I am still experiencing its benefits. No more disturbing unpleasant dreams and I have come to a really important decision regarding my future employment. I just needed to step back and chill and it has somehow all fallen into place. Also the last animal card you read that I picked was really instrumental in this!

Hi Lou
Hope you are well after your marathon weekend. I am writing to thank you. I didnt write last night when I got home as I felt lighter and calmer than I have in a long time. It was a lovely feeling and I wanted to stay with it so I just did dog stuff and nothing else.

Today I woke up and I still feel a sense of peace, I feel more grounded, refocused, calm and re-energised. Very hard to explain but I feel an acceptance now that I have been fighting and struggling with for a long time. I understand that a square peg is a square peg and a round hole is a round hole. Neither is right or wrong but a square peg will never fit in around hole. Again, neither right or wrong, it just is. Bingo! Acceptance.

This weekend has been amazing in the way you constantly bring every thing back into the moment. I have always been an over-anyliser/over-thinker find it hard to live in the day and constantly project!!! My fear, anxiety and depression are manifestations of this. The magic way that the minute by minute lives of your horses somehow seeped into me. Their calm and non judgemental acceptance of all of us this weekend has 
really made me think about my world view, day to day and minute to minute.

I also learn't a huge amount from watching and listening to everybody else. 
I was in the right place at the right time when my friend convinced me to come with her on your open day a few weeks ago. The opportunity arose and I decided to go for it. I am so glad I did. I have come a long way in two very amazing, unforgettable days. It is work in progress I understand that years of conditioning are not lost overnight, but I have made a start and that feels really good.

. I would just like to say Thank you again Lou, you gave me and I suspect all of us so much this weekend. Please be sure that you give yourself time to recharge and recover.
Hope to see you and your horses again soon

I really enjoyed the evening we spent with the horses. It captured the unspoken challenges and rewards of establishing relationships based on cooperation, acceptance and being open to change depending on what happens moment by moment.

We look forward to meeting you soon.


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