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Communication & Patience is the key to a successful relationship


Hello and welcome to my website.

 My name is Lou Wilks.

 I am a mum of 3 and from a very young age I have always loved horses,  their behaviour has always intrigued and fascinated me .

 I always wanted to know more than just the things my riding school could show me, kick to go and pull to stop and if that fails hang on....

In 1996, I broke my back after a bad fall and I decided there must be another way.

Due to work commitments & bringing up a young family, I took a break from horses until 2005, when my husband bought me Monty an ex-race horse who came with every horse issue imaginable. However he immediately rekindled my passion and sparked my journey to understand him & become his partner. After a lot of groundwork and qualifying in various programme's that were available at the time,we improved our trust and bond so much he became the horse i'd dreamed of owning & we rode everywhere bitless and he remains my greatest teacher and herd leader to date.

 Naturally Horse was founded in 2007, and has developed a very special reputation with my customers all over the country.

I am based at Wildhaven, East Halton, North Lincolnshire with my family and herd of horses.

All our horses are barefoot, ridden out bit-less and live out together as a herd.

This gives me the opportunity to observe their constant interactions, which are then used in my training techniques.

I specialize in communication between horse and human, using established in- depth principles of equine behavior and psychology, to help you understand and learn POSITIVE, SIMPLE , EFFECTIVE training methods.

I will watch and listen to you with your horse to help you resolve any issues, calmly and effectively. Giving you the training , support and confidence to carry this on and use at all times.

With years of experience of working with all issues physical and behavioural, I am sympathetic towards horse and owner to help you gain a better understanding. 

Therefore, achieving excellent and long lasting results, both ridden and on the ground.

I believe that being firm and having a clear set of boundaries is one thing, but being fierce is just not necessary.

  A relationship of trust and respect is safer and more enjoyable, for both parties than a relationship based on fear, force and intimidation .

 Horses are incredible, sensitive and intelligent animals. Give them more positive re-enforcement, learn their language and you CAN have your perfect partner.

Here, with our modern POSITIVE approach to horsemanship, we understand that horses go through a lot in their lives when we ask them into ours. So, we strive to teach you how to understand them & to make our world an acceptable,understanding and happier place for horses to live in.

Surely we owe them this.


Certified practitioner of Masterson Method integrated performance body work.

Accredited trainer for Horse Agility GB

Level 3 Advanced health & social care.
Level 3 S.E.N (special educational needs)
Autism awareness certificate
Eq50 certification horse anatomy.
Diploma in Horse psychology.

EAQ Equine assisted qualifications

O.A.Dip (master herbalist)


Sometimes we win , sometimes we learn.....


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